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Download FREE FIRE Advance Server Here

Free Fire Advance Server Download

Free Fire become the most popular shooting survival game across the world. The game cross over 500 million + downloads in Google Play Store. Free fire game has totally new and exciting graphics than other shooting survival game that also attract players to play this game. Free Fire gives you new clothes and dresses in the game to purchase and new gun skins also come in every 15 days. The game has two maps to play were 52 players are fighting each other and one will get Booyah in the game who becomes the winner. The First map in Bermuda and the second is Pugarotory. Both maps have totally new places and a new look. If you play ranked game then game gives you a random map to play but if you want to play classic then you can decide to play the game on any map.

Free Fire has to maintain its server to keep games safe by the hackers and they bring new things in the game that keep gamers interested in the game to play. Free Fire maintain their server when their Gol Royal ends in every 2 months of a new update. On that day the game is closed and any player can’t play the game. If you want to play Free Fire on the date of maintanence then you need an advance server to play that game. It is not possible that Garena provides an advance server of Free Fire to every player to play the game on the date of maintenance. Because I give you a toy to play so how many days you can play with that toy, I think 1 or 2 months. That’s the reason that garena needs to change the interface of the game that looks new and exciting to attract players who forced to play Free Fire. So garena gives an advance server to play new version of the game without an update.

What if I tell you that you can also play Free Fire in advance Server that means you don’t need to see other streamers to play the game on the date of maintenance. Here we provide you the Advance Server of Free Fire in our website, You can download the game and enjoy the new updates of the game without updates of free fire.

Download FREE FIRE Advance Server Here

What Is Free Fire Advance Server?

Free Fire Advance Server is a Beta Game for Free Fire Latest Update. When Garena announced to push a huge update in the official game very soon, then if you have the advance server of Free Fire so you are able to test the Update as a Beta Tester. The Open date and Close Date of the advance server is fixed by Garena Officials. it means you can only able to play the advanced server when the advance server is open. You also got unlimited Diamonds in the advance server of free fire. You can test the new characters, new weapons, new accessories, new clothes and many more.

Question: Do I need to uninstall my free fire game on my device to play in advance server?

Answer: No, you don’t need to uninstall Free Fire from your device because the advance server has its own special server and other application. You just simply install the game and enjoy it.

Question: Do i need to purchase diamonds in advance server to get new items?

Answer: If you want to purchase diamonds in advance server then you can purchase diamonds in advance servers. But in our post, we tell you how you can get free diamonds in advance server of Free Fire.

Unlimited Diamonds In Advance Server

Everything in the game that you want to purchase then you have to give diamonds for that. it means that If you want to but any dress in Advance Server of Free Fire then you need to spend diamonds on that thing. The newest Incubator you have here are exciting dresses and many more thingd like a new diamond royal dress new gold royal dress. Everything in the game is new. But here I tell you how you can get unlimited diamonds in the free fire on the advance server. You need to attach an OBB file with your Advance server of Free Fire and open the game. Then you can see that you have unlimited diamonds in front of you that is 9999999. Keep reading our post and we tell you how you can attach the OBB file with the Advance Server of Free Fire.

Why You Need To Install Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire gives you some advantage in the advance server that means if you are using advance server to play then you will know that what will come in a new update of Free Fire. And you know every new update of free fire. But there are some bad things happen in advance server that if you are playing in advance server then the extension pack of the game won’t downloading that means If you have the dress that shows after downloading extension pack then you can’t see that dress you wear or not. There is another problem in advance server that ping of the game is always high that is plus 300 or 400 every time. That is bad news for a game who wants to play the game in advance server.

Pros And Cons Of Advance Server

Pros :

  • You know every new thing first without update come for everyone
  • You can play new mode that doesn’t available for everyone.

Cons :

  • You can’t play any game with your friends who don’t know what is an advance server.
  • You can’t play the game freely because the ping of the game is always high.
  • The extension pack of this game would not download.

Download FREE FIRE Advance Server Here


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