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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 14

Free fire is the one of the popular shooting survival and Battle Royale game for Mobile Devices that has over 500 Millions downloaders World Wide. When you play the game and complete 1 or 2 matches you notice that you surpass some of the daily missions and you receive a special thing that called badges. The more game you play the more badges you receive but there is a limit of badges you can receive in a single day. Yes, you can receive the total of 5 badges in a single day, but there is something in the game veteran that you have to unlock first then you receive more badges after completing these veteran missions.

Note: It’s has special badges that have a change every 1st day of each month.

What is Elite Pass Badges

As I tell you that there is a limit of receive badges in a single day but, if you take a single season Elite Pass you can receive more badges when you surpass these such missions as you see in these pictures. If you complete one of the elite mission you can receive 8 badges.

What is Elite Pass

Free Fire is a totally free game that you can download and play, but if you want to play the game like a pro or like a special person then you take a single Season Elite Pass. The elite pass cost you total of 400 Diamonds but it gives you a total of 10,000 Diamonds of things. But in some country The Price of Diamonds is Change.

How To Buy Elite Pass

If You Want to Buy Elite Pass for Free so You can buy the Elite Pass from the game, In the left Bottom Corner You can see an Elite Pass Featured image click on the image and then you can see all the details about Elite Pass and then you will see an Upgrade Button, Click on the Upgrade Button and Choose your Plan and Buy it.

Season 14 Elite Pass

Have you guys already know that season 13 has end and new season 14 has come in 1st of July and new elite pass has many many more things to see and claim first you take Season 14 Elite Pass then you receive:


Bear’s Soul Bagpack

1 Bagpack Bear’s Soul In 0 badge

3 Pet Food In 5 badge

1 Diamond Royale Voucher In 10 badge

1 Hunter-Bermuda banner in 15 badge

24 hours Bounty Token Play Card in 20 badge

7 Day Double Gold Card in 25 badge


Lootbox Ze-Box

1 Loot box Ze-Box in 30 badge

3 Death Uprising Revive Token in 35 badge.

1 Future Hunter Avatar in 40 badge

5 Resupply in 45 badge


Blood Hunter Bundle

1 Female character Bundle Blood Hunter in 50 badge

5 Summon Airdrop in 55 badge

1 Diamond Royale Voucher In 60 badge

3 Pet Food In 65 badge

500 Gold In 70 badge

5 Bonfire in 75 badge


Hunter’s Track

1 Surfboard Hunter’s Track in 80 badge

Memory Fragment (Hayato) 100 in 85 badge

1 Hunting Ground banner in 90 badge

3 Death Uprising Revive Token in 95 bagde


XM8 Hunter’s Eye

1 XM8-Hunter’s Eye in 100 bagde

24 hours Resupply Play Card in 105 badge

500 Gold In 110 badge

1 Parachute Hunter’s Roar in 115 badge

3 Pet Food In 120 badge


Gaint Hawk

1 Giant Hawk in 125 badge

Memory Fragment (Moco) 100 in 130 badge

1 Death Shot Avatar in 135 badge

1 Diamond Royale Voucher In 140 badge

7 Day Double EXP Card In 145 badge


AWM-Hunter’s Eye

AWM-Hunter’s Eye In 150 badge

24 hours Summon Airdrop Play Card in 155 badge

500 Gold In 160 badge


Hunter’s Mark

1 Surfboard Hunter’s Mark in 165 badge

24 hours Scan Play Card in 170 badge

24 hours Bonfire Play Card in 175 badge


Battle Dance

1 Emote Battle Dance in 180 badge

5 Bounty Token in 185 badge

3 Death Uprising Revive Token in 190 bagde

3 Pet Food In 195 badge


Hunting Ground

1 Hunting Ground in 200 badge

Character level 4 Card in 205 badge

1 Diamond Royale Voucher In 210 badge


Evolution Stone

1 Evolution Stone in 215 badge

Memory Fragment (Laura) 100 in 220 badge


Deadly Rouge Bundle

1 Male character Bundle Death Rogue Bundle in 225 Badge


I Hope You Like this Post about Free Fire Elite Season 14. If You have any Query so you can Send us by Comment Section. If you are a Free Fire Pro Player so Share this post with your Free Fire Group.

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