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Free Fire New Update

Garena push a new huge update in the Free Fire game and by this update, Garena will change lots of thing in the game such as the new realistic graphics quality, New guns, New Characters, New pets, and many more things will also come with this OB18 Update. Here I gonna share with you the in-depth details about the Free Fire New Update. since this update will live in the game on 16 October 2019 globally.

But if you want to check this new update now so you can also do it by using the advance server of free fire for more details click here.

All Details About Free Fire New Update:

Free Fire New Update

Free Fire New Update

Lobby Change

The last update of Garena Free Fire OB17 the lobby was based on DJ was two DJ artists play a song and you can choose your emotes on the stage and it’s showing again and again. But in the new update of OB19, The lobby will also change in the new update of free fire. Where the new Holloween lobby will show you and in the lobby and everywhere pumpkin balls will appear in the game that featuring Holloween day on 31 October. A new cube type ball will also appear in the lobby which you can play with it. The background of lobby is changed and when you click on the mode for playing ranked, classic etc then you will see that everything is changed and looks new that also exciting in the game and the interest of the game will also increase. The choice of what to play comes with a pop-up animation, you can choose your modes.

Free Fire New Update

Free Fire New Update

Advance Attachment & Weapon

New Attachment for MP5 and M60. the M60 is a machine gun and MP5 is a sub-machine gun. The MP5 attachment is Electric Booster it will increase the rate of fire by 30%+ and M60 attachment is Spiral Charger it will increase the damage and accuracy up to 10%+. The New Weapon rework is CrossBow. The CrossBow is an old weapon in the game but Garena changes something in the CrossBow and makes this gun more powerful and accurate. The New Weapon is M1887. This is a shotgun and the damage ratio of this gun is 170, Clip size is 2, Rate of Fire is 0.45 and the range is 45.

Wheather Change

The old weather of free fire looks boring now because the weather of the game remains the same from last year. Now it’s become boring and players want new weather in the game and Garena has listen to them and now the new weather in the free fire game has finaly coming. Rainfall will only in Rush Hour Mode. The dynamic weather will change in all the modes such as ranked, classic, etc. But this is not confirmed that the weather will change in every mode because it’s a leak and we have not confirmed that weather will change in every mode.

New Character

Shani is the New Character of Free Fire game. The advantage of Shani’s character is to restore armor durability after every kill, for example, if you kill your enemy and your vest health remains 100 after you killed an enemy then the ability of Shani works which is to repair vest by 18+. Armor will be upgraded when durability exceeds 100%.

New Pet

The New Pet in the game is a Fox. The Name of this new pet is Spirit Fox and this fox can restore your medkit extra 4/7/10 HP.

New Emotes 

Garena brings new emotes to free fire every new update and just like old update new update will also come with new emotes that, if all emotes comes as same that we saw in the advance server that are so exciting. New emotes are so cool that first emote is selfie emote that shows heroic rank taking with a selfie when you use that emote, the other emote is Pirate’s Flag emote which stand a flag that features pirate flag that also so amazing. The other emote is dancing emote just like you see in the picture.

Free Fire New Update
Free Fire New Update
Free Fire New Update

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The new update brings new Diamond Royal, New Weapon royal, New Incubator, and new Gold royal with Ob18 update. All of the dresses are super cool and glossy to see and wear. New things are always new and glossy. New weapon royal comes with new AK skin named Pumpkin AK that double Accuracy, a single rate of fire with minus Mazine. The combination of new AK brings the dangerous AK entire Free Fire gun skins. The Diamond Royal dress comes with Halloween view with dangerous mask and top, both female and male bundle comes together in same Diamond Royal. The new incubator is also coming with a new OB18 update with all new dresses with 5 male bundles and 4 female bundles with the exchange of  Evolution stone and Blueprint. The number of Blueprint and Evolution stone will change with different dresses.


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