PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download Here | Play PUBG with Zombies!

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download Here | Play PUBG with Zombies!

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download
PUBG 0.11 Beta Update
Recently Tencent Games Released PUBG 0.10.0 Update With Vikendi Snow Map But many people were spreading rumors that this update of PUBG will get Zombie Mode, But there is no Zombie Mode in PUBG 0.10.0 version. But there is nothing to be sad Because Tencent Games Leaked a New Update Called PUBG 0.11 Update and PUBG 0.11 Update has Zombie Mode. Yes now you can Play PUBG With Zombies.

PUBG 0.11 Update will get a lot of new features such as New Guns, New Mode, New Map, New Rifle, New Vichels and more. Today I’m going to tell you about all the new features of PUBG 0.11 Update And I will also tell you how to download PUBG 0.11 Update.

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How to Download PUBG 0.11.0  Update

To download PUBG 0.11 Update, you have to click on the download link provided by us and after this there will be a file download of 909MB. After downloading this file it has to be extracted and Then you can easily play it by installing this game.

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download

What’s New in PUBG 0.11 Update

1: New Snow Map

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download
New Snow Map
This is The Most awating feature of PUBG. This is a New Snow Map called “Dihor Otok”. In this map you will find a very beautiful mountain atmosphere. There are so many beautiful places in it such as DinoPark, Cosmodrome, Villa, Town, Castle and Cement Factory. The Size of Erangel and Miramar Map is 8×8, but Sanhok’s size is 4×4 and the diameter of Dihor Otok is 6×6.

2: New Hairstyle and Avatar

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download
New hairstyle and Avtar
In PUBG 0.11 Update, many new hairstyles and Avatar have been given to customize Character, allowing you to make your Character more attractive.

3: New Vehicle

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download
New Vehicle
In PUBG 0.11 Update, a new vehicle has also been added, which is named “Tukshai”. This is a three-wheeled vehicle. Well, for your information, This vehicle is also called auto rickshaw and taxi in India. Now You can Drive This Vehicle in PUBG 0.11 Update.

4: New Rifle

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download
New Rifle
This new Rifle is already available for PUBG PC Users, but now this new Rifle will also be available via PUBG 0.11 Update to all PUBG Mobile Users. The name of this new Rifle is “Mk47”. You can use 7.62mm bullets in Mk47.

5: New Laser Sight

PUBG 0.11 Beta Update Download
New Laser Sight
This new laser Sight feature is already available for PUBG PC users, but for PUBG MOBILE users this feature has been given in PUBG 0.11 Update. Laser Sight is a kind of attachment, when You Use laser Sight you can Strong your Shooting Power. One thing is to keep in mind that if you use laser Sight, you can’t use foregrips.

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