PUBG Mobile Mod APK Aimbot Hack [Unlimited Money BP & UC]

PUBG Mobile Mod APK

PUBG Mobile Mod APK is a Free to play Battle Royale Game for All of The PUBG lovers. Our team made PUBG Mobile Mod APK With a lot of New Features. In this post I am Talking about PUBG MOBILE Mod Game and All of these Unique features, so Let’s get start it.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK is our fresh Mod APK Game for Free. Yes, this Mod Game is Absolutely free to Download and Free to Use. PUBG Mobile Mod APK has many Features like Unlimited Royal Pass, Unlimited Battle Point, and UC, Free Weapon Customization, AIM Hack, Wall HACK, Free Character Customization, and Free Character Clothes. If you want all of these features for free so Read our Article Properly.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited Battle Point
  • Unlimited UC
  • Fully Safe & Secure
  • AIM Hack Feature
  • Wall Hack Feature
  • Free Character Customization
  • Free Character Clothes
  • Clear View (Disable Fog Effect)
  • Easy to control
  • No Root Required
  • Safe Zone Hack

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PUBG Mobile AIM Hack

PUBG Mobile AIM Hack is the most popular feature of this Mod APK. AIM Hack means you can easily target and find the enemy and you can kill Enemy by One Headshot. This is the Power of AIM Hack. you can use this feature in our PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

Unlimited Battle Point (BP)

Battle Point is a type of Currency in PUBG Mobile game. You will get these Battle Points Currency in the game when you play every Match you will receive these Battle Points after the match Ending. Battle Points is Depends on How Much You kill in one match and How Long You Survive in the game and How Much you Damage the Enemy. But in our PUBG Mobile Mod APK you will get Unlimited Battle Point.

How to Use These Battle Points

You can Use These Battle Points for Customize your Character Outfit, Hairstyle, Skintone and Many More things you can do by using These Battle Points.

Unlimited UC Hack

UC is a type of Currency in PUBG Mobile. You can buy UC to get Royal Pass, Legendary gun Skins, Dresses, and Many Premium things. 600UC Cost at the Rate 799 INR. If you want Premium Dresses and all of these things, so you Need to UC and UC is Purchased by Real Money. It means you can Buy UC by Spending your money. But in Our PUBG Mobile Mod APK Game, You will get Unlimited UC for buying all Premium Things.

Wall Hack Feature

In Our PUBG Mod APK Game, You have to see a feature called ”Wall Hack feature” helps you to Hide from Enemy and help you to Kill and See Enemy from one side of Wall to another side of Wall. This feature is Available in our PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

Safe Zone Hack

If you are a PUBG Player so you must be Know that the importance of Safe Zone. Safe Zone is the most important thing in the game. Think that if you know where is the Next Safe Zone appear so You can Easily target the People who are on the Opposite side of the Safe Zone and You can Easily do winner Winner Chicken Dinner. The Safe Zone Hack feature is only Available in Our PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

Free Character Customization

PUBG Mobile Mod APK has a lot of Clothes and Dresses for Mens and Womens Character. You can use these Clothes and Dresses for Free in our PUBG Mobile Mod APK and you can customize these Dresses as your choice.

Map Hack

Map Hack Feature is The Most interesting Feature of PUBG Mobile game. You can Tack the Location of the Enemy who is near to you. When an Enemy hit You and then suddenly the Enemy Run out from your place, then you can use this Map Hack feature of PUBG Mobile Mod APK and You can Track the Location of the Enemy. This Feature helps you to Kill Enemy Easily.

Royal Pass Hack

Royal Pass is the most Trending feature of PUBG Mobile game. In the Royal Pass, you get a lot of things like Clothes and Bundle, Emotes, Gun Skins and Many More New Features you get When you Buy the Royal Pass. But there is a Problem Royal Pass is Very Expensive and Many People don’t have Budget to Buy the Royal Pass. But When You download our PUBG Mobile Mod APK You get all things of Royal Pass Absolutely Free.

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PUBG Mobile Parachute Hack

Parachute Hack

In PUBG Mobile game you notice that there are many kinds of the parachute that gives you a real feeling when you jump up to the plane. But in our PUBG Mobile hack ios or android download, you use a special parachute that helps you to jump much faster than the other players when you use that parachute you really feel that you are diving much faster than the other players. It helps you to land very smoothly and grab the loot first and kill your enemies. So go and Download our PUBG Mobile Mod APK for FREE.

PUBG Mod OBB File Requirements:

PUBG Mobile is Very High graphics game and if you want to play this game you need at least 2GB of RAM otherwise you can’t able to play PUBG Mobile Hack Apk unlimited UC and you need also 3GB of Available Storage.

Safe Zone Hack

If you play PUBG Mobile, you must know that there is a Safe Zone in it, which keeps your place shorter and survives the last Safe Zone while the game becomes the winner.

AIM Hack

In this PUBG Mobile Hack Apk unlimited UC, we use AIM hack bug. With the help of AIM hack, You can easily target Enemies and you can easily do Headshot.

Running Hack

In PUBG Mobile, you notice that you have to take a vehicle when you want to go to another place. If you don’t have any vehicle then you have to run to go to that particular place and you notice that after covering some distance you got tired and your running speed is slow. Then you have to take Energy drink or Pain killer to run fast. If you have our PUBG Mobile Hack Apk then you don’t have to do such things because if you download our PUBG Mobile Hack Apk then you automatically run much faster than other players and you cover the in-game distance much faster than you enemy either he has a vehicle or not.

Jump Hack

Every player who plays PUBG Mobile game know that you can jump from a higher building and your health would not get lose but if you want to jump to a building roof from ground it would not possible in the game, but if you use our PUBG Mobile Hack Apk then you can jump much higher buildings roof from the ground freely.


PUBG Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Health

In the PUBG Mobile game if you want to take a fight with your enemy then it chances that either you killed your enemy or your enemy killed you. When your enemy shot you then it 100% chance that your health is going down and you got killed by the enemy. But there is a hack that called “PUBG Mobile Health hack” it gives you unlimited health that keeps you fighting at last when your enemy knocks or got killed by you, your health wouldn’t get down by the time when you take a fight with your enemy. Therefore that the reason we made PUBG Mobile Mod Apk that give you the freedom to play and enjoy your game smoothly.

Unlock all Gun Skins:

and Many More Gun Skins are unlocked in our PUBG MOD APK

Unlock all Cloths:

and Many More Clothes are unlocked in our PUBG MOD APK

Auto Headshot in PUBG Mobile Mod APK

Normally in the Game, This is Very difficult to Aim and Hit a Headshot to Enemy but If you are using PUBG Mobile Hack APK, so you can Easily hit Headshot to Enemy and Kill it Very Fast. That’s Why You Need to Install Our PUBG Mobile Hack APK this is Absolutely Free Hack APK you can download it by our Website – Gamesbuz and If you like this PUBG Mobile Hack APK so you can share this with your Friends and your PUBG Whatsapp Group.

No Fog in The Game

If you Target an Enemy in a Long-Range With a Sniper Gun like AWM and KAR98K, so you have to notice one thing and That’s is “Fog”. Only because of Fog we can’t target Enemy and we can’t See Enemy but in our PUBG Mobile Hack APK Fog is Absolutely disabled, so you can easily target an Enemy and Kill it with One Headshot.

Granade Hack

Normally in The Game, when you throw a Granade then an Enemy Move out from your Granade Range and the Enemy become Safe and after then when you came here to check why Enemy not Killed and then Enemy suddenly jump and fire you.

Airdrop Hack

If you play a Match in PUBG Mobile, then you notice that after 5 minutes Airdrop is Falling from Plane and then you can go there and loot an Airdrop and grab the Rear Airdrop Guns like Groza, AWM, M249 and many more. But in our PUBG Mobile Hack APK you can get Airdrop Guns instantly that’s why you need to install our PUBG Mobile Hack APK unlimited UC.


Why use our PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

Our PUBG Mobile Mod APK is so Powerfull Mod APK because we added a lot of new feature in it and You have a right to Customize your User experience and User interface. In our PUBG Mobile Mod APK, You get all Premium feature like Royal Pass, Emotes, and many more feature for Free. Our PUBG Mod APK is one of the Best Mod APK in the World You have to use this Mod APK. When You install this Mod APK you can see a lot of modes is available here and you can use it for free, Then You can Choose your Map, in Which Map you want to play this battle royal game. You have Four Map Unlocked in the game Erangel Map and Miramar map, Sanhok Map and The most Popular Vikendi Map. After Select the Map you can Start Your Match and You can use all the feature of this PUBG Mod APK.

Regular Update

When you Download our PUBG Mod Apk then you think ‘when a new update is available on the play store then how can I update my Mod Apk’. Don’t worry about it because when a new update is available on the official site of PUBG Mobile game then we also develop a new update of PUBG Mobile Mod Apk update on this website.

System Requirement of PUBG Mod APK

Our PUBG Mobile Mod APK is very Lightweight game But the graphics of this Mod APK is Very good. We developed this game very light. The System Requirement of PUBG Mobile Mod APK is You need at least 2GB of RAM and 2GB of Available Storage. This is enough for Playing PUBG Mobile Mod game. If you complete this System Requirement, You can play this game very Easily Without any lag and frame drops.

Game information

Game NamePUBG Mobile Mod
File Size7MB
Mod DeveloperGamesbuz
Available onGoogle Play Store/App Store
Download PUBG Mobile Mod APKDownload Here

How to Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK

If you like our PUBG Mod APK and You want to download it, so this process is very simple to Learn this process step by step here.


  • Hit the Download Button Below.


  • Now, go to settings.


  • Here, go to additional settings and Allow the installation for unknown application.


  • Now, go to file manager.


  • install PUBG Mobile MOD APK/PUBG Mobile hack ios download APK.


System Requirements of PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

Here are the following System Requirements for downloading PUBG Mod Apk –

  1. Your Smartphone must have at least 3 GB of RAM.
  2. You must have 4GB of Available Space in Your Smartphone.
  3. Your smartphone must have at least a quad-core processor.

Download Our PUBG Mobile Mod APK

if you want to Download PUBG Mod Apk, so you can easily download it from the Downloading Button Below. But you must have to read all the features of this post then Hit the Download Button.


I hope you like PUBG Mobile Mod Apk. We tasted our Hack APK then our team published this Hack APK publicly that’s why our every Mod or Hack APK is work perfect and fine. if you have any question regarding this PUBG Mobile Mod Apk so you can contact us by using our Contact Form.

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 We developed this Mod APK Very light and very useful. This is so simple to download PUBG Mobile Mod APK and We work on this project from more than 7 months and finally, We complete our Mission This is Fully Updated version of PUBG Mobile Offical game.


1. What is PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

Ans. We create and develop PUBG Mobile Mod APK with so many New features and The all Premium feature of PUBG Mobile like Royal Pass, Gun Skins, Clothes and many more feature are available for free in our PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

2. Why do you need to Download Our PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

Ans. PUBG Mobile is very Expensive game. The Royal Pass, Emotes, Gun Skins and Many Premium features of PUBG Mobile is so Expensive. But If you want to use all Premium features of PUBG Mobile game, so you need to Download our PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

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