Garena Free Fire Mod Apk 2022 [Unlimited Diamonds and Health] V1.70.0 Download

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Garena Free Fire is the #1 downloaded mobile game! Free Fire Mod Apk Download Unlimited Diamonds and Health [Latest Version + Hacked Version] Anti Ban!

Garena Free Fire is free to install the game from the Google play store and IOS but Free Fire has an in-game purchase system that means if you want any premium items in the game then you can buy with your money. If You Want these features to improve your gaming experience so you need to buy diamonds and diamonds are so expensive in the game to purchase, that’s why we give you this Free Fire Mod APK + OBB because this mod apk will give you all premium things of the game like unlimited diamonds and gold with auto aimbot and unlimited health (EP and HP) for Free.

This is the most popular battle royale game on an android device. Garena Free Fire battle royale game is played by millions of players worldwide. All data of this game is hosted on a server near your country. As you know that, garena free fire India is a very expensive game and the fun fact is that this game free only to the name of this game. Almost everything in this game is paid it means if you want to unlock anything in this game then you need to pay for it first.

in short, this game has lots of things to purchase like Diamonds Royal Dresses, Weapon Skins, and Incubator, Events, Store, Armory, etc. There is also a free royale to free spin in the game name “Gold Royal” that is absolutely free to spin, it cost 300 gold for 1 spin and you can get Gold by playing games in any mode.

Free Fire MOD APK

Free Fire Mod APK is a new shooting game with a lot of new features, which you can play on your Android devices. This game is compatible with almost all android devices and you can easily download it from here. The game can be played by one team of up to four players, or two teams of two versus two players. Free Fire is a multiplayer survival shooter that supports up to 50 players at once.

A wide variety of weapons can be found on each map, and they are divided into three categories: pistols, submachine guns, and shotguns. This game enables players to battle with each other based on the third-person mode. This game also provides the players to create their own team and play against another team.

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Download Free Fire MOD APK Latest Version

NameGarena Free Fire MOD APK
Size47 MB + 662 MB = 709MB
GenreGame > Action
Get it Ongoogle play store
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds and Auto Headshot
unknown sources

How to install Garena Free Fire Mod APK?

It is quite easy to install Garena free fire mod apk on android devices but you have to follow these steps to get unlimited diamonds, gold, and auto aimbot:

  • First, click on the download button to move to the downloading page.
  • When the downloading page opens then you need to wait for few seconds to appear the download link.
  • Once the downloading link appears then click on it and your downloading will be started.
  • Go to the settings of your device and go to the additional settings and allow the unknown sources of app installation.
  • When the apk and obb file downloaded then go to the file manager and move the obb file to Phone Storage > Android > OBB > [Paste Here].
  • Now, go ahead and install garena free fire mod apk (the installation process might take some time).
  • When the app successfully installed then open it and get unlimited diamonds for free.
Features of Free Fire Mod APK

Features – Garena Free Fire MOD APK

Garena free fire mod apk has lots of amazing features. As you know that free fire is a really expensive game and not everyone is capable enough to buy free fire in-game currency which is diamonds so the mod version of this game has unlimited diamonds and it also comes with tonnes of modded features that I have discussed below so read it carefully:

● Unlocked All Legendary Gun Skins: In this Free Fire Mod APK, you can see all gun skins are unlocked, you can equip these gun skin and you can easily use these gun skins. These gun skins have a specific advantage like in Dragon Ak gun skin, this gun has double damage and a single Rate of fire advantage.

● Free Fire Unlock All Dress and Bundle: Free Fire gives you new dresses but not for free you need to spend diamonds to spin for those items to get permanent. But if you are going to spin it costs you lots of diamonds to get Free Fire dresses permanently. Here on GAMESBUZ.COM, I give you Free Fire MOD APK For Free that gives you all Free Fire Dresses are Unlocked in your vault. You can wear these Dresses easily without any issues. In fact, All Legendary Elite Pass (Fire Pass) Dresses are unlocked in Free Fire MOD APK.

● Unlocked All Character: The Garena free Fire game has a lot of characters. Total 36 Characters are Now Available in the Garena Free Fire game. The newest member in the character slot is Shani, the ability of this character is to repair the vest by 18 if you fully upgraded your character, Shani. But there is some legendary character is available only From Diamond, it means you can buy these Legendary characters only from Diamonds. But when you install our Free fire MOD APK, then you can unlock all characters For Free.

● Unlocked All Emote: In this Free Fire MOD APK Game, We update the emotes and we added all the premium emotes in our Mod APK. All Emotes are unlocked. All Legendary Emotes and Top-Up Emotes are unlocked too. In fact, the new Selfie emote is also unlocked in our Free Fire Mod Apk. You can Equip these Emotes and Use these Emotes in The Game but You can Equip only 6 Emotes in One-Time.

● Get Airdrop Item Quickly: When you use this Free Fire Mod, then you get All the Airdrop Items Quickly Without loot an Airdrop. you can Easily Equip these Airdrop Items and use them But Normally in-game, you can’t get Airdrop Items Without Loot an Airdrop. If you want Airdrop Rear Items like Groza, AWM, Dragunov, M79, M249, Silencer, Level 3 and Level 4 Vest, Level 3 Helmet and hidden Grass. so you need to Loot at least an Airdrop and then it depends on your luck what’s you get in the Airdrop.

● Get Unlimited Room Card: Room Card is one of the most trending features of Garena Free Fire. You can Make your Custom Built Match by using a Room Card but if you want a Room Card, so you have to spend your Diamonds but in Our Free Fire Modded app you can get an Unlimited Room Card for Free for a Lifetime.

● Auto Headshot Improved in the latest version: We improve the Auto Headshot feature on this Update. There are big problems users will see that is when an enemy is standing straight then auto Headshot feature works but When an enemy is walking then sometimes this feature does not works. But In our Free Fire New Update, we solved all the problems regarding the Auto Headshot feature.

● How To Get Elite Pass In Free Fire Game: If You Want an Elite Pass of Free Fire for FREE so you must have to follow our instructions. It means, First of all, you need to install our Free Fire Mod APK and then install our Free Fire Mod OBB file and set up this OBB File for more information.

● Unlimited Spin In Luck Royale: As you know that Free Fire Now becomes so Expensive game and Garena adds a Feature in the Free Fire game Called Luck Royale. This Luck Royale feature totally depends on your Luck and Garena Owner Mood (Jokes a Part). If you want to do Unlimited Spins in Luck Royale so you Must have to install this Mod APK and OBB file and You Need to install a VPN Application we recommend you a secure VPN app. the Link of This VPN application is in below of this post.

● High Jump: There are some new features of the Free Fire Mod APK new version update (2022 Update). In this update, you will see a new feature called High Jump feature. By using this high Jump Feature you will Jump from More Height and You can see and find the enemy even you can kill your enemy easily.

● Running Speed Increase: Increase Running is another New feature of Free Fire Mod APK. You can use this Free Fire Running MOD feature, When an Enemy almost killed you then you can use this feature and Move away from the enemy.

● Modded Vehicle: If you download our Free Fire Mod APK then you can enjoy it in your own vehicle and it would not take any damage. If any enemy fire in your vehicle which you driving, the vehicle didn’t take any damage by the shot of your enemy. We build our mod apk so impressively so you can enjoy your game much better than other players.

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds

Firee Fire Auto Aim Hack

The right position of aiming where the enemy standing or even moving is the most difficult thing in the battle royale games. Therefore, you should be very focused and concentrated on the enemy position and when the enemy comes up to you then you would quickly jump up over the enemy and fire the gun with a fully loaded magazine and the feeling becomes desperate and then the sudden movement happens you’ve got killed up by the enemy. All jokes aside and let me get this straight. If you want to get rid of all this desperation feeling then you must have to download our free fire mod apk and there is a certain reason for it below.

Free fire mod comes with an auto aimbot facility that provides a free aiming experience it means it will give an advantage that no other players have in the lobby and that auto aimbot advantage will show up the nearby enemy around you on the screen of your device and if you want to kill any of them then in less than a second it will get directly put you in front of the enemy and automatically aim at the head of the enemy and once you hit the fire button, the enemy would go down and become a loot box.

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds

Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds

You know that every player of Free Fire has the first question on their mind that is, How can we get free diamonds in our Free Fire Account? If you have the same question then you are in the right place because here you get the answer of how you can get Free Diamonds in your Free Fire Account.

First, we know What is Diamond and How will I get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire? Diamonds are the most important in-game currency of the Free Fire game and You can buy lots of accessories like clothes, Bundles, Gun skins, and many more by spending Diamonds on them.

If you want unlimited diamonds in your Free Fire account without any Risk, so you have to download our Free Fire Mod on your mobile device, Because we developed this Garena Free Fire Mod APK bug-free and once you install this Free Fire Mod APK you need to login to your account, don’t worry your ID is not getting banned by using this Mod Version of this game. After log in to your account, you can see that you get unlimited diamonds in your account and you will get all the clothes, Gun Skins, and all Premium things in this game for Free.

free fire mod apk download unlimited diamonds

Free Fire Wall Hack

A battle royale game is a game of mid-set because you have to kill everyone who comes on your path to be the last man standing so lots of people choose the easiest way to be the last man standing and archive Booyah every time and that way is free fire mod apk because in free fire mod apk you will be able to See through the Walls which is known as the wall hack attribute and using this wall hack feature, you can see through the wall and kill the enemies through the wall without making them aware about you.

In Garena free fire game, there is a temporary wall that players can create to defend themself and it is known as gloo wall. Using the modded version of this game, you can see through the gloo wall and kill the enemies who are defending themselves by using gloo wall.

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds and gold

Garena Free Fire Mod APK Gameplay

There are lots of tips & tricks that we are sharing with you that will help you in your game and helps to improve your gameplay. We share our experience that we really try in the game and go to the global position in the Top 100. With these tips and tricks you really increase your rank and reach the Heroic spot easily:

  • The first Tip that we really want to share with you that don’t fire first, if you are looking to push your rank to Heroic then don’t fire first.When you see the enemy and the enemy didn’t see you.
  • If you play solo and Duo then try to survive at least at top 10 (in Solo) and top 5 (in Duo). If you are looking to push rank in squad mode then search the squad members that listen to you and going for Booyah that really helps to increase your rank and the Heroic spot.
  • Eject and land to the ground is the most important factor in the game because if you land in the center of any map then there is 80% to 90% chance that you got killed first if you land second and last by the other players. So choose the right place to land. Try to land in the first because in ranked mode nobody wants to be killed first, everyone wants to strike and kill first.
  • Every player has a special mind and they choose the special Character and other Character skills, So We tell you that which character do you choose and to play with other characters’ skills. The first thing that we want to tell you that if you play solo the choose KLA character because It has the ability to damage the enemy by fist, in 1 fist you kill the enemy. The next thing is the Character Skills, every character has 2 skill slot then the 1 skill we attach with our character (KLA) is Andrew(It has the ability to reduce the damage on the vest by 12%), the second skill is the Kelly (Sprinting speed increase by 6%is Kelly’s ability) It runs faster by the other players.
  • We play Free Fire for over a year and with our experience that is avoid the Car, Jeep, Tuk-Tuk, or other things. Because if you take some of these you grab the attention of other players in that particular area. If you Don’t take these it for sure you didn’t grab any attention of others.
  • Be with the Safe Zone, did not go far or middle in the inner area because it is higher chances to fire the enemy at you. Let’s consider that if you are in the center then either 1, 2, or 3 enemies will shoot you and you got killed.
  • You want to Push your rank then don’t fight first with any enemy wait for them to fight with each other, if 2 or 3 players are fighting then try to grab the chance and shoot them because both are damaged and if you shoot you kill both enemies.
  • Remember that, If you want to take a fight with an enemy long-range then you must have a silencer in your gun. Because Silencer did not revile your position with other enemies.
  • Choosing Guns is an important factor if you do not have the right gun then it has a higher chance that you got killed by your enemy. So, we will tell you which gun do you choose to fight, and when that gun will help you. If the enemy is far from you then you have these guns like AK, Scar, Famas, and Groza (Groza is only Available in Bounty or AirDrop). The best gun in these 3 is AK, AK is the most dangerous gun in Free Fire along with Groza. The second thing is the close range, the guns to take a fight with the enemy in close range are MP40, M1o14, or Spas12. MP40 is the best gun to take a fight with an enemy.
  • Some players are so smart that they think that they grab the special guns which only found in Air Drops, If you want to push your rank then avoid these we tell you that why you have to avoid these. If you are going to loot that particular AirDrop then you are not the only one to loot that AirDrop other players are also want to loot that AirDrop, if you going to Loot first they will kill you. You have to look to hunt those enemies who loot first. So loot them first and looking to strick and kill them.
  • Some players did not know how to use the grenade and kill the enemies, So don’t go far we will tell you how to use the grenade and kill your enemy. If you are out of a house and your enemy is in this house then don’t push to kill then there is a 50-50 chance to kill you and he killed you so damage your enemy with your grenade which you have. Throw the grenade in the right direction where your enemy is, and kill with the grenade, if he doesn’t get kill by your grenade then damage your enemy then push and kill with MP40 or M1o14.

FAQs For Free Fire MOD APK

Q1 – Will my Free Fire I’d be banned if I am using free fire Modded APK?

No, this free fire modded version of this game is anti-ban & all the custom codes are stored in your smartphone not in Garena free fire servers so your free fire I’d never be banned.

Q2 – How can i MOD Free Fire Game?

You can easily mod the free fire game, you just need to install our free fire mod apk and that’s it you’ve modded the free fire game. Now enjoy!

Q3 – How to solve Ping Problem in Free Fire mod apk?

Yes, I know that ping problem disturbs a lot in this free fire mod apk but don’t worry we will definitely fix this issue in our feature update, so please bookmark this page.

Q4 – Will i get Unlimited Diamonds in This Free Fire MOD?

Yes, you will get unlimited diamonds & gold for free in our free fire mod apk so download and install it now.

Q5 – Will i get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire Mod Apk?

You will get all the characters unlocked in our mod apk or free fire modded apk, so don’t worry about it.


Free Fire Mod Apk is the modded version of this game so it has all the mod’s features like aimbot, unlimited diamonds, auto headshot, make the character invisible, and a lot more. Here, I have shared the complete information about this app so please read it very carefully but if you still have some queries regarding Free Fire Mod Apk then you can ask your questions in the comment section so I will reply as soon as possible.

To update Garena free fire mod apk, you have to keep visiting this site (GAMESBUZ.COM) because you cannot update the modded version of this game from the google play store and if you do then all the mod apk features will be ruined so that you can to update free fire mod apk from here.

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