Tank Stars Mod APK 1.5.13 (Unlimited Gems + Coins) Download Free

Tank Stars MOD APK:- This game is based upon an ancient time tank world wars. You should only one goal how to rip them in one perfect shot and you will win this game so you need to upgrade your tanks and weapons for this you must have coins if you don’t have coins don’t be sad because I am here for you guys in gamesbuz you can get unlimited coins so you must have to download Tank Stars mod apk then you get unlimited coins and upgrade your tanks without any problem.

NameTank Stars Mod APK
Size112 MB
GenreGames > Arcade
Get it Ongoogle play store
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems and Coins

What is Tank Stars

You will start this game See the opponent and adjust the perfect angle you need to use your hands and also you can move forward and backward before the fuel end, to hit the right angle and you can choose a weapon so the opponent is no longer still alive rip the opponent if you are not able to rip the opponent at the first time then it’s ok you can also try and defeat your opponent but don’t think your opponent is weak he is also trying the same way to defeat you. This game is not easy as you think so you will need to be concentrate and hit the perfect angle from which your enemy is no longer still alive and you win this game.

Tank Stars Mod APK Features:

Tank Stars MOD APK

Unlock all Tanks

There are 15 tanks present in the latest version of this game that you can use to destroy the enemy. But there is a cache and that you must have to unlock the tank first then and only then you can able to use that tank. You can purchase these tanks by using coins, gems, and money. But once you successfully downloaded our tank stars mod apk then you will get unlocked all tanks for free without paying any money.

remove all ads

If you want to download this game in play store then you will play online so these ads are seen continuously and you feel very bore, if you see these ads then the playgendary company will direct gain profits but if you don’t want to see these ads, if you play this game online so it’s very simple you can remove these ads from two methods. Firstly you need to download Tank Stars mod apk from GamesBuz then if you play this game online so you will not see these ads. Secondly, if you don’t want to do this then you can go to app application on your smartphone and you can off the internet or wifi connection. But you can’t play PVP mode on your smartphone.

Tank Stars Unlimited Gems and Coins

Gems and Coins are the most important currencies of this game, you can buy anything by spending these coins. But it is not easy to get coins and gems in tank stars okay let’s assume that you will get coins simply by playing the game but in terms of gems, you can not get gems for free. If you need some gems so you must have to purchase gems by using your real money. Don’t be worried because if you don’t have enough money to spend on a game so you can download tank stars mod apk with unlimited gems and coins for free.

Tank Stars MOD APK 3

Play with friends

You and your friends can be coiled with each other and you will find out who is the real pro player and who is the best player of tank stars. You don’t need to turn on your internet connection because this game doesn’t support online multiplayer features instead of that you can play with your friends physically it means that when your turn comes to hit the tank then you can hold the smartphone in your hand and you make the target and hit it after that once your friends turn is comes then you can give the smartphone to your friend and then your friend will try to do the same thing that is destroying the opponent.

Tank Stars MOD APK 4


The graphics of this game is very decent not extremely fantastic but considering the size of this game then the graphics are very good. The weapons come our from the tank that animation looks perfect and the looby was also very good. in terms of sound effects, so the sound effects are excellent. Overall, the graphics are good you will not be disappointed with this.

Diamond Membership

Tank stars offer you a Subscription-based membership that you can purchase on a weakly, monthly, and yearly basis. It gives you A brand new tank, 50 Gems every day, 2000 Coins every day, a chest every day, and all the ads removed. It also called the VIP feature of tank stars.

Tank Stars MOD APK 1

All Modes Of Tank Stars

There are four types of amazing modes that you can explore in this game. All the modes of this game have been described in detail below:

Vs Computer: You can also play this game without any friends. Instead of friends, the computer will play the game as your opponent and you need to defeat them.

Vs Friends: Obviously, you can play tank stars with your friends and try to defeat each other. You will find out who is the pro player in this game whether it is you or it’s your friends.

PVP Mode: Player vs Player (PVP) mode is extremely famous in tank stars and you will definitely enjoy this mode. Basically, you just need to select the PVP mode and click on start (it is necessary that your internet or wifi is turned on) then the system automatically select your rival the player according to your experience in this game and then considering your level, the opponent will decide and then you can play with them.

Tournaments: This is a very difficult mode and it is not easy to win the tournament in tank stars, if you play this mode and handle it easily so according to me you are a pro player! There are 3 stages in the tournament mode is Easy, Normal, and Legendary that you can play. Every stage’s difficulty level will increase in order.


Is Tank Stars is an Online Game?

Ans. Yes it is an online game but you can also play with game without an internet connection because there are four modes present in this game that we have already described above, vs computer mode & vs friends mode are the offline mode and PVP mode & the tournament modes are the online modes.

Is Tank Stars Gems Worth Buying?

Ans. This fully depends on you that you want to purchase gems in a game to unlock tanks and all in this game. But if you are not so rich to spend money on a game so you can download our mod apk which is free and all the paid features of this game you will get in our mod apk.

How to Upgrade Tank in Tank Stars?

Upgrading the tank is a very simple thing in this game, Here I gonna share with you a free and easy method to upgrade the tank in this game, you just need to download our mod apk and then open the game after that you can go to the upgrade tank section in the game and now, you can upgrade the tank easily without any issue.

What is multiplayer in Tank Stars?

There is only one mode in tank stars who support multiplayer and that is vs friend mode in which you and your friends can play this game together but there is no mode who supports online multiplayer functionality.

How to Change Name in Tank Stars?

There is a very easy step that you need to follow to change your name in tank stars game:

  1. First of all, Open The Tank Stars Game.
  2. Now, Go to “Account Management” in the drop-down list under the nickname section.
  3. Click on the “Change Name” button.
  4. After that, You can change whatever name you want.

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