Big Bash Cricket MOD APK V2.1 [Unlimited Money/Coins] Download

Big Bash Cricket Mod APK: Cricket is one of the fascinating games that is loved by every one of us. But only a few of us have time to go out and play in the field. But you don’t need to worry about it because advanced gaming technology made it possible. Now with advanced gaming technology, it became possible to play the stimulated version of cricket on your smartphone.

The one such popular game that lets you play cricket in a simulated way on your phone is the Big Bash Cricket. It is one of the most trending and engaging 3D simulated games out there on the web. You may find a game similar to it on the web, but they can’t match its quality. The game involves tournaments of 20 overs which is the most trending format of cricket. It uses AI to make everything look more realistic and natural and thus provides an immersive gaming experience.

NameBig Bash Cricket Mod APK
Size67 MB
GenreGame > Sports
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Platinum and Coins

What is Big Bash Cricket MOD APK

Numerous games on the web provide a simulated version of cricket which you can enjoy on your phone. But are they all good? The answer is No because not all games can’t meet your demands and can provide a good gaming experience. Thus you need to find a game with fewer flaws and a reliable game. We have the Big Bash Cricket is one of the most promising games that takes your gaming experience to the next level.

The game comes with tons of unique features and is built so well that it never lags while playing. The best part of this game is that it acquires a little space of your phone even though it is simulated, and it is because of the better optimization. It is one of the most downloaded games on the web, with more than 5 million downloads on the google play store. Thus it is one of the best games of this category that you download from the web.

big bash cricket mod apk download unlimited money

Features of Big Bash Cricket MOD APK

Big Bash Cricket Mod Apk has abundant of amazing features that has been listed below:

Real Shots

Cricket involves a variety of cricketing shots, and thus, this game consists of various cricketing shots. The shots available in this game are very realistic that exhibit characteristics of real cricketing shots. Thus it provides a real-time gaming experience and makes it better than the other games.

Unique Tournaments

The game consists of different tournaments that you can play with the main game. There are numerous tournaments ongoing in the game, and you can take part in every one of them. The tournaments are designed specifically, keeping the user’s comfort in mind. The tournaments also come with lots of exciting prizes that you can win by winning the tournament.

Variety of Stadiums

Like the real cricket game, this game is also built with various cricket stadiums in which you can play the match. Each stadium has its identical dimensions, and each of them is special. Thus you can choose a stadium every time you start the game. The stadium also resembles many similar characteristics of the original stadiums.

Real Players

You can select the players for your team, and the best part of this feature is that you can select the real players that are very popular in cricket. Also, you can make your player and name it according to you; additionally, you can also add different accessories to it like the hat, sunglasses, wristbands, napkins, etc. 

Make Your Team

The game consists of various teams that are very popular in the real cricket game, and you can choose one from them. Also, you can make your team and name it accordingly, and this gives a realistic feel to your team. Also, you can add your players or can select from the options available.

Multiplayer Mode

It is one of the most loved gaming modes used by many gamers, and it allows you to play with your friends from the comfort of your home. Thus this game also comes with a multiplayer mode that lets you challenge your friends in the game.

Live Commentary

Like the real cricket game, the options of real commentary are available in this game. The live commentary cheers you and adds a thrill to the game, thus makes it more engaging and interesting. 

Final Words

The Big Bash Cricket is one of the best-simulated cricket games available on the website ( Here, I have shared the complete information about this app so please read it very carefully but if you still have some queries regarding Big Bash Cricket MOD APK then you can ask your questions in the comment section so I will reply as soon as possible.

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